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Fowler Family
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Square foot gardening with mom and dad

Now you may think that dad did all the work on this little project, but I assure you...he did not! I bought some boards and had Lowe's cut them for him. I went and bought all the fertilizers and mixed most of it myself. Dad put the boxes together and we filled them. We now have spinach, strawberries, onions, and garlic planted. I am so excited about the garden. We will have garden benches in it as you can see by the pictures. We are still getting things organized for it. I hope for a good harvest and we will be planting more later.

If you live in Utah, this may be helpful. It is a planting guide Grandpa Bond found in the newspaper.

The KSL Radio Greenhouse Show with Larry Sagers airs each Saturday from 8am-11am. Call 801-575-8255 with your gardening questions.

Hardy Vegetables
Plant: March 14-May 1

Semi-hardy vegetables
Plant: tow weeks after hardy to mid-May

Tender Vegetables
Plant: May 1
Summer Squash

Very Tender vegetables
Plant: May 20 to June 10
Winter Squash

Hope this helps.
Hey all,

Things are going better for me. I have moved into Sid's house for the time being and am enjoying my new job. I have been there for about three weeks. I'm just kind of saving money to move to an apartment when I can find one. I looked at one in Provo before Sid and Charlie offered me their house, so I will probably look at that one again as it was reasonably priced. Also, Steve and I have been hard at work on the business plan and we are close to getting done, then we are going to have it looked at by some people at the Small Business Development Center at UVU and if they think it is good, we will submit it to banks to apply for a Small Business Administration loan. Things are moving in an exciting direction with that. I'm still madly in love with Emily. She is working at Shoe Carnival and mostly enjoys it. She got a raise, so she has been pretty excited about that. Other than that, I am just trying to get back to enjoying life and looking for the positive. Thanks for all your love and support.

Charlie is so proud of his little girl!! He taught her how to change the brakes on the car. He didn't need to do anything except add a little muscle. We are so proud of her.

This is Bruce... He is a male 9 month old cat. He likes to tease dogs, chase Lucy and avoid the kids. (look ma, no front claws, great for the kids bad for him.)
So... The other day when we were in the back yard getting it ready to lay cement and he decided to go and play with Toby and Zurich. He gets down and of course the dogs start chasing him. Jade screams at us to save Bruce! I grabbed him under the arms, and when I do he digs his back claws into my leg. I drop him, Charlie pulls the dogs off of him and get him onto the deck. I didn't think of the puncture wound until, my shoe fills up with blood.
This was one of the last snow falls of the season. The kids begged Charlie to make a snowman. Since it was just a week away from Easter, we did a snowbunny...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom just doesn't know how to get the camera right!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Yard Work

Dad and I worked out in the yard for a while yesterday. We were working on the flowerbed in the back by the North fence and as soon as I saw the snake I started screaming. No way did I want to put my hands down in the flowerbed. Especially after your dad picked up the snake and it got away from him and went right back into the bed we were working in. Dad got the tall grasses by the fence cut down and we moved the wood pile into the dog run so we could get that area all cleaned up for our square foot gardening spot. Hopefully tomorrow we will get some more junk put in the junk trailer and get it hauled off. We are planning on putting black plastic down in the flowerbeds and covering it with rock to make it maintance free. We are getting lazy in our old age. The aspen tree on the south side is not doing well. It has had bore for several years. Not sure how many more years it will survive. It is supposed to be cloudy and rainy tomorrow, which may make it difficult to get out and work in the yard.

Also trying to get the camping equipment we had stored in the basement organized so we can put it out on the self in the garage, then it won't be under all the Christmas decorations and easier to access.

Kind of weird not seeing Elysha around or looking out the window to check and see if her car is home so we know she is safe. I'm glad she and Brandon are finally together and enjoying each other's company. Hope all goes well for the both of you and you are able to get settled soon.

Enjoy your Sunday.

The Joys of Moving

So we made it here to Ft Lewis at about 4 pm Saturday. It was a long drive but it was fun for us to be able to talk with each other the whole time. The scenery was beautiful. I (Brandon) was awake for 40 straight hrs other then two 10 minute naps while El drove. She was awake for nearly that long except for her 1 hour nap while I drove most of the way. We didn't have any problems at all getting here. We drove through some very beautiful country and I look forward to making the drive again someday. The only problem we experience was sore bottoms about halfway through. It made it very difficult to sit straight. We are happy and healthy and doing very well after a good nights sleep. Thank you all for the help and support we have received so far.