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Fowler Family
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So it's 11;30 at night and I'm sitting here in bed. One dog on one side another on the other. I have not felt so alone for 2 years. My wife is currently somewhere in Illinois, hopefully sleeping.
I have been blessed enough to have a brilliant beautiful woman who wants to remain married to me. I have been lucky enough to have a house that keeps what has turned out to be the wettest and most tornado active spring I have ever been involved in.
But I am alone.
I can't explain the pain of knowing Amber is so far away and going through things and I cannot be there for her. I wish there was someone to talk to. No one seems to understand, they all say they do, but no one sits at home night after night, day after day, and not be able to tell the one they love what is happening in their lives.
I haven't had a hard time until I got the letter from Amber today, she is doing great by the way.
She passed her swim qualifications on the first shot, so she doesn't have to swim from now on in basic. She didn't tell me a whole lot about what was going on but I know she is doing well. Amber does everything well. She IS amazing.
I think that is part of why I miss her so much. I never had amazing like that before and never realised how mush I have come to rely on it.
I love my family, I am grateful for you guys. Please call me sometime. I get lonely and have few people to talk to.
Lots of Love