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Fowler Family
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Adult Relationships

One of the things I have talked about is developing an adult relationship with our siblings. This is one thing that I have not done with my brother Paul. (don't anyone tell him I said that!). Here is what I have suggested, you first begin by developing an Adult relationship with your parents, then work on expanding that to your Spouse, then your siblings. You do not have to have an adult relationship with non adults in the family. It is Ok to act like a kid when you are around kids, just don't be an example of what not to do!

Here is a short list of behaviors that I think are included in Adult relationships:
You will treat everyone with:

Respect, their time, their thoughts and their property
Compassion, what they think and how they feel
Only express YOUR opinion when asked, or if it is appropriate
Do not MANIPULATE anyone! (this especially applies to kids)
show CHARITY, that is Love everytime you talk to someone.
take the time to listen to others who have a need.

This is a short list, and can go on and on.

Set your own stardards of behavior, then judge every encounter you have by that standard. You should ask yourself the question after every encounter where you think that the other person was not treated as he should have been. Was my behavior the best it could have been, and was I true to my own behavior standards?

"Life was made to have fun and be enjoyable, only you can make that come true!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grow Boxes

We have some strawberries coming up. Radishes, onions, garlic also growing, and I saw a lettuce coming up the other day. Soon it will be time to plant some more. It will be fun to have our own garden growing, I just hope it all works well.