Fowler Family

Fowler Family
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's going on with Grandma's farm.

This is our first planting of corn. I have since planted 2 more.
There are two pumpkin plants.

We have about 30 tomato plants.

This is a 4' X 8' box full of green beans. There is a picture of a big silver bowl below. It is full of beans from this garden box. I am now sun drying the beans from this box.

9 Bell Pepper plants.

6 cucumber plants.

4 Cantelope plants. There are to cantelope out there right now.

These are baby watermelon. We also have onions and strawberries.

This is the garlic that came from our garden. Garlic needs to be planted in your garden in October, and it is harvested around the end of July. I had lots of it.

Mali with the days harvest.

Drying Parsley. I'm using the same method to dry the green beans.

Our new nesting box. The Chickens did'nt like the real ones.

This is Buffy. She lays the biggest eggs.

This is Buffy's big egg. It had two yokes in it.

Another day at the pool

Come on Seann, share your cheese stick with me.

Seann is cold and warming up in the foot bath water.

He's still cold.

This is what happens when you go to Grandma's house to swim and have to go to the bathroom with a wet swimming suit on.

Play time at the lake

A lot of tubing.....
......and swimming.

Pool and BBQ 2011

Too cute!
Water Fight!

My green underware.

Grandma has become a seahorse.

Yum. Hot Dogs.

The "real" chicken wranglers.

Nice catch.

Charlie is roasting his corn on the cob over the open fire.

They are playing their favorite game show, "Wipe Out" on the hamock.

Reacher got in our shower, but it took him a while to figure out how to get out.

Forest Lake 2011

This is what Forest Lake looked like a few years ago.

This is what it looks like this year.

Back Yard Babies 2011