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Fowler Family
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life's Blessings

I have been sitting here this morning being grateful for my blessings, one of which will be that dad and I will be able to finally refinance our home in August. As you all know, dad and I have had years of very difficult financial times. It has not been easy for us but we have survived the challenges thrown at us. I wanted to share some of the things that we have done through these lean and difficult years that have helped us survive and gotten us to this point.

We always paid our tithing. We always paid fast offerings. I have shared with most of you the story of Grandpa Fowler and fast offerings and we have heard a lot of talks about fast offerings. We decided to put paying fast offerings to the test. We had heard that paying fast offerings should be a sacrifice but not a burden. When we first got married we were paying $10 a month for fast offerings. As you kids came along we paid $50.00 a month. Some where along the line we started paying $150 a month and last December we upped it to $250.00, a sacrifice….yes. A burden….NO. Blessings….Yes. We have been guided and directed along the way for the last 6 months on how to repair our credit score and are now in a position to be able to refinance soon and be on our way to financial recovery. Has it been easy….no. Will it be worth it….Yes!!! I believe by paying fast offerings we also have the ability to choose between wants and needs and the desire to go out and spend money needlessly is curbed. We have the ability to think things through, plan and not do a lot of impulse buying. We have more control over our money and it has less control over us.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of paying tithing and fast offerings and the blessings we receive from being obedient to what the Lord has asked us to do.

Dad and I also try to go to the temple at least 2 times a month and sometimes 4. I am finally starting to enjoy going every week and it does not seem like a sacrifice, it feels like a privilege. Going to the temple gives us great peace and helps us to make better decisions in our lives and blesses us. Each time we go, I make sure that I put everyone of your names on the prayer roll. That includes Charlie, Amber, Elysha and Emily. I know that life can be a real challenge. I know that Heavenly Father loves each one of you and he will bless you in your lives. If you want to make things better in your lives, you will reach out to him and pick one thing that he has asked you to do and turn into a habit of love. You will gain blessings from it.

I am proud of each one of you and love you all very much. I looked forward to the opportunities dad and I will have to spend with each of you in the coming months. Keep doing your best. You are all wonderful people in your own way and you have so much to offer the world and your families. Charlie and Sidney you are doing a great job raising those three children and we are proud of you and love the kids very much. They are awesome. To Brandon and Elysha, Brad and Amber, Quincy and Emily….when the time is right….we will be so excited to get to know your children and love them as we do the other 3 grandchildren. We are such a blessed family. I love all of you so much and know how much your experiences in life are helping you to grow mentally and spiritually.

Brad and Amber, I am really looking forward to seeing you in Aug. and am very excited about you moving to California so you are closer. What an experience you both will be having. Wish you well as you prepare for some new adventures.

Love you all. Mom.