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Fowler Family
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My really cool experience

So today was turning out to be a typical day on the floor of the hospital i was working. I ended up having to switch patients with someone for some reason, but it ended being great because I had the opportunity to accompany this patient down to the operating room and watch her entire procedure being done. That was such a neat experience. I had a colonel talking with me the whole time giving me a play by play of what was happening and how the machines in there worked. She then gave me information on how I can progress on further to become a CRNA. She is a CRNA herself, so the information is really helpful to my goals, but that experience I got to go through today re-lite the spark that I've had for a few years now. It was an amazing thing to watch and I'm very thankful that I got to participate.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Dad's shed. Cool, Huh?

Little Van

Van and Valarie after a fast ride.


Valarie, Van and Ruger

Brookie Cookie

Dad having a good time with Brooke behind him.

What a great time we had. We decided before going to our campsite, we would drive into Kanab and get maps of the area we would be staying and pick up some sandwiches at the 3 bears restaurant. (Dad and I always ate there when we did inventories.) When dad went to pay for lunch, he got the pin numbers mixed up on his 2 credit cards and it locked both of his card up so they can't be used. He used some of the cash we were supposed to use for the campground.

We found a campground by the bathrooms and we had partially set up when the ranger came by and said the site was reserved for tomorrow night. We found another site and set up camp.

We were so excited to explore, so we put on coats and hats (it was extremely cold) and off we went. It was awesome and we were in awe at the beauty around us. We played on the dunes and found a trail to ride on. We pulled off the trail and went shed hunting. (That is deer horns that have been shed.) Valarie found a little 2 point. We then rode some more and stopped again to look for more sheds and found nothing. Next we went back and played on the dunes and returned back to cam for dinner.

After dinner we sat around the fire and it started snowing. Finally it got too cold and we all went to bed. It took quite a while to get the bedding warmed up so I was not wanting to get up for the 2AM pee break when it rolled around. Dang, it came and I couldn't hold it any longer. I jumped up and ran and went. Boy was I happy when I returned to bed to find out it was still warm when I got back in. It still took time for me to warm myself up again. At 6AM, Dad was squirming and we both had to go. I assured him our beds would still be warm when we got back. We did not get up again until the sun was shining on our tent.

We ate breakfast and off we went again. (I wore snow pants cause it was so cold.) Again we played on the dunes. We hit some trails and they were so fun because they were sandy and windy.

We went shedding again and your dad found a nice set of 4 points. Uncle Van and little Van each found a horn. We also saw a lot of deer.

We rode hard, and it was warmer in the afternoon. We went back for dinner and started a fire and it was very enjoyable sitting around talking. It was warmer that night. I made sure I didn't drink much so I didn't need to get up. Dad and I woke up at 6:30 needing to go to the crazy restroom and decided we should just pack up since we were already cold and head for home since we wanted to be to church to see who the new Bishopric was.

We figured it would take us a half hour to get loaded up and it took us almost an hour. I poured our gas from our can into Van's can because he he had filled all the 4 wheelers including ours Friday night and we left.

We drove to Panguitch and decided to get gas in the truck. Guess what! Dad's credit cards still wouldn't work because of the pin number problem from Friday night.

Van had paid for the campground so we figured we would pay him when we got home, so dad used the last $15.00 in the tank. We hoped we would make it home. If worse came to worse, I guess we could ride the 4 wheelers on the back roads the rest of the way home. LOL.

Guess what again!! We made it home safe and sound and to church on time. Yeah!!!

Brookie Cookie Rides again!